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If you’re running a business and there is a shortage of employees then you’re losing money every single day.

With MyKaam, you can hire with ease and speed.

  1. Visit or simply download the android app from play store.

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Hire and Grow your business!

Finding a quality job as per your preferences has always been a challenge. Follow below mentioned steps to easily find a job with MyKaam App.

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  1. Visit or simply search for MyKaam on play store and download the app.

Interviews are short and can not possibly give your true impression as a person during those short 5 or so minutes. This is why it becomes important to design it carefully so that your interview minutes are able to communicate your best.

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  1. Dress well and look nice – Whenever someone takes your interview, essentially they’re trying to understand how well will you go along with the existing team. It’s human nature to mingle with people who look nice and friendly.

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Any employer or HR manager spends maximum 10 seconds while reviewing any CV. And as you rightly assume, the traditional textual CV doesn’t speak about who you really are.

When it comes to profiles where-in certain skills are required or the way you look or speak matters, text based CV becomes almost useless.

This is where the video first CV becomes important.

Below we talk about 5 benefits you get when you send your video resume/CV instead of a text based CV to your prospective employers.

  1. Activate interest from the HRs within 2 seconds. When HR looks at your video…

Construction sector is the 2nd highest employer in India after agriculture. Roughly 54 million people are employed in an organised/semi-organised or unorganised manner. This sector has shown great promise for the last 2 decades. People who do not find good livelihoods with farming are successfully absorbed into this sector’s work. By 2022, construction sector is expected to employ 76 million people.

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Various professions in this domain

  1. Labor/Daily Workers — Jobs & Job Seekers

MyKaam — Search Jobs and Post Jobs, Call and Chat

Riding on Jio wave, MyKaam aims to help the next Billion have better Professional lives!

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